Take me away from the training!

Has your spouse got all your money to a fortune-teller for a year? Did your husband become a member of a cult which tries to own his business now? Has your daughter been turned against you by a group of psychics? Is your mother willing to bequeath to the American sect adepts? Have you already paid 2 million for “personal growth”, with nothing growing except the course price? Do you debt 2 million for your loan and still wait for a miracle? Or have you been raped by your psychologist for 5 years? Or almost committed suicide because of a “help” from a therapist? Or could it be like a situation with another training where kids were…

Still, are you just lucky and waist your money for useless skills like NLP or some “neuro-“ stuff? Enough.

We publish the article for you to learn thinking independently and let no guru or dubious organization enter your life.

The knowledge is always free.

For the rest of you, feel free to share your experience in cults. Maybe you also study them as we do. Let’s exchange our information. Probably you are an anthropologist, theologian or an activist for human rights or anti-sect volunteer. We are especially interested in psychocults and psychic trainings.

So, what is the main danger of being a training member?

 Let’s start with some history.  

We liquidated several organization, such as:  

What can you do by yourself to help your relative out of a training?

 Some pieces of advice for those who want to act by his own https://vk.com/wall-73493509_1437

“Interception” method to assist suicidal games attendants https://vk.com/wall-62262331_5486

Usage of social engineering for reducing crimes among teenagers https://vk.com/wall-134618886_363

Social engineering for psychologists https://vk.com/wall-62262331_8080


Non-scientific methods in psychotherapy

How diagnoses and mental disorders can be thought out by a blink of an eye https://vk.com/wall-62262331_14867

Main disadvantages of gestalt therapy https://vk.com/wall-62262331_14290

Critics of gestalt therapy https://vk.com/wall-62262331_14290

Our two-year studies of systemic constellations https://vk.com/wall-62262331_13792

Non-verbal communication and basics of systemic constellations https://vk.com/wall-62262331_4610

Inefficiency of Art-therapy and some research on psychotherapy studies https://vk.com/wall-62262331_4489

What is a somatic therapy? https://vk.com/wall-62262331_14347

To our previous talk about somatic therapy https://vk.com/wall-62262331_14298

Pseudoscientific and working behavior study methods

Ideomotorics https://vk.com/wall-62262331_3379

External monitoring and pose https://vk.com/wall-90358638_192

Do indirect compulsion work? https://vk.com/wall-119563192_877

Analysis of nonverbal communications in systemic constellations, or Why military forces use research results but not esotericism https://vk.com/wall-62262331_6262

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Interrogating a psychic https://vk.com/wall-62262331_2946

Esotericism in Leningrad region https://vk.com/wall-62262331_3251

Technologies of esotericism. “Make way for me!” method https://vk.com/wall-62262331_2105


Nonverbal communication

1. External monitoring presented as quest for an order https://vk.com/wall-62262331_8145

2. “Hand of fortune” in maniacs, or Transe-like dissociative disorders. Theory and practice for future maniacs lectures in police departments https://vk.com/wall-62262331_1461

3. Influence of light perception on cognitive activity https://vk.com/wall-149861205_85

4. Strohbass as a common illustrator of stress during interrogation https://vk.com/wall-62262331_8973

5. Folklore and nonscientific mentions of body. Practical application https://vk.com/wall-62262331_4815

6. Hands behind the back https://vk.com/wall-62262331_5912

7. Persuading to convict with the “help of chiromancy” https://vk.com/wall-62262331_4779

8. Unmasking aura vision in esotericism https://vk.com/wall-73493509_1085

9. Is it possible to find inadequate person in the crowd, even if it is a somewhat structured line? https://vk.com/wall-62262331_9834

10. All the articles about interrogations https://vk.com/wall-119563192_968

11. Empathy or mirroring https://vk.com/wall-119563192_887

12. Interception of control in communication https://vk.com/wall-62262331_10054

13. Intuition: compatible with science? https://vk.com/wall-149861205_328

14."Mysteries" of profiling https://vk.com/wall-62262331_4797 and https://vk.com/wall-62262331_5439

15. Pseudo-profiling https://vk.com/wall-62262331_5770

16. Physiognomics https://vk.com/wall-62262331_6991

17. Personality classifications https://vk.com/wall-62262331_7054

18. Good and usable profiling https://vk.com/wall-62262331_5815

19. Once again: NLP doesn’t work https://vk.com/wall-119563192_877

20. No, we really mean it – NLP doesn’t work even in cults and net marketing! https://vk.com/wall-62262331_9666

21. Discouraging situation in Russian criminology https://vk.com/wall-62262331_9680

22. Where is it better to find research data? https://vk.com/wall-73493509_785

23. It is a fact – ideology comes first, technology follows https://vk.com/wall-62262331_6897

24. Technologies of esotericism. “Make way for me!” method https://vk.com/wall-62262331_2105

25. Interesting method of esotericism and management https://vk.com/wall-62262331_4090

26. Gipsy evil eye and nonverbal communication https://vk.com/wall-62262331_4048

27. How to see aura https://vk.com/wall-73493509_1074

28. Nonverbal semiotics of internal diseases https://vk.com/wall-104226137_74

29. Nonverbal signals at the seaside https://vk.com/wall-90358638_147

30. Do indirect compulsion work? https://vk.com/wall-119563192_877

31. Do Mudri work? https://vk.com/wall-73493509_1281

32. Ideomotorics https://vk.com/wall-62262331_3379